Frequently Asked Questions

What type of disbursements do you fund?
Medico-legal reports, radiology reports, independent witness reports, valuations, accountants, forensic, investigators, safety engineers, expert consultation expenses, court filing fees, occupational therapists, courier costs etc. We do not fund barristers’ or professional legal fees.
What fees do you charge?
There is a once-only, per client matter establishment fee. There are no other fees whatsoever, just the ongoing fixed interest rate.
What interest rate do you charge?
Qwando’s interest rates are low by industry standards. Please call to discuss in confidence.
Is interest charged on the facility?
Interest is only charged on funds drawn down.
How do I keep track of payments?
Our loan schedules detail all outlays paid and interest accrued to date or for any future date you specify. Future date loan balances are ideal for mediation.
Can the law firm use their own choice of specialists?
Yes, you can use specialists and professionals of your choice, no restrictions imposed. Or you can choose from our list of nationwide specialists.
What happens if the case fails?
If your client’s case fails you are required to repay the loan under the guarantee provided by your law firm.
What happens when the matter settles?

Request a loan balance statement when a matter settles or is close to settlement, which will detail the disbursements funded and interest accrued. You can request the loan balance or payout figure for any future date or date range to assist you with accurate forecasting of the final amount due to Qwando. Once you receive the settlement monies, your firm has 7 days to settle the loan with Qwando.

We will fund your already incurred disbursements on current files