Why Use Us?

Disbursement Funding

Why use our disbursement funding?

  • Since 2005 we’ve been helping solicitor’s clients rebuild their lives, assisting them during times of stress and financial need.
  • We put clients first – we subscribe to a professional, one–on-one client approach.
  • Our funding has provided a valuable resource allowing solicitors the time required to build a better case with the best financial outcome for their clients.
  • We are experienced and trustworthy with a longstanding track record supporting injury clients and law firms.
  • Full transparency – no hidden fees or charges, we work on a “no surprises” basis.
  • We immediately empower our new clients – by unlocking capital already tied up in existing disbursements and WIP.
  • We create opportunities – On an on-going basis, disbursement funding improves cash flow allowing the law firms to increase profitability and take on more cases.
  • We help grow your business – Employ capital into growth, not operations. Invest in technology, marketing, more files, partner buy in / out etc.

Features and Benefits of Qwando Disbursement Funding

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No Monthly Repayments

Disbursement loans are repaid upon settlement of claim or at 30 months loan term, whichever comes first.

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No Recourse to Claimant

This allows law firms to continue to act on a no win no fee basis.

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Draw Downs

Fast, easy electronic processing. Payments made by EFT.

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No Plaintiff involvement

Business to business lending. The Loan Agreement is between the law firm and Qwando, not with your client.

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No Documents For Claimant To Sign

No credit representative licensing required and no claimant involvement.

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Personalised Service

We subscribe to a professional, one-on-one client approach.

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Fixed, low interest rates, no monthly or annual fees, no settlement fees with a once-only establishment fee per client file.

How It Works

Our 4-Step Funding Process

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We will fund your already incurred disbursements on current files